The floor underneath you suddenly gives way! You find yourself rapidly sliding down into an Internet hole. Memes and low-resolution cat pictures go flying by. Flailing, you reach out for something that seems to resemble good advice and catch hold of it, halting your fall and climbing to your feet. You emerge in micro-blogging territory.

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It doesn’t do everything though, and uBlock Origin is still very much needed. Blocked domains by the Pi-Hole will also show up in the uBlock logs (e.g. googletagmanager), even though the request won’t return anything. In general, uBlock is more aggressive and better suited to combat ads. If a site stops working for you, you can disable it with one button press. Chuck in I Don’t Care About Cookies for good measure and you’re all set!

And now I have an IA for generate my blog images (covers)

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In your opinion something like Gitea with a syndication like Mastodon will solve some of the problems and move more people on this “Gitea with Syndication”?