2022-08-29 09:39:26

It doesn’t do everything though, and uBlock Origin is still very much needed. Blocked domains by the Pi-Hole will also show up in the uBlock logs (e.g. googletagmanager), even though the request won’t return anything. In general, uBlock is more aggressive and better suited to combat ads. If a site stops working for you, you can disable it with one button press. Chuck in I Don’t Care About Cookies for good measure and you’re all set!


2022-03-20 14:01:39

A online tool for show as a tree a JSon file. Simple visualization tool for your JSON data. No forced structure, paste your JSON and view it instantly. All the data rest in you browser


2022-02-26 21:42:11

I am a Mechanical Keyboard guy. I love them and I need to feel the Tactile Feedback form my keyboard. I, also, find better the International Layout for the key but only because I am a programmer. If I need to write for long time in Italian I will change the layout for some shortcut like é á ú í ó.

In this article you can find a good review for the keyboard


2021-10-04 23:59:55

And this is why is not a good idea having all under one domain


2021-08-28 23:32:24

Sometime working at night is a good expirience. And a lot of tea. Next time I prepare some BubbleTea for the occasion.


2021-08-22 23:00:31

Being an adult is taking resposability and organize your life. So I buy Bubble Tea but forgot the groceries


2021-07-13 19:15:01

Build little project in the summer and not Node’s one. You can’t have a boiling pc


2020-11-03 14:31:49

Old boring Markdown is the final format form. You can allways read it and allways convert into HTML for sharing into the web. I don’t need a note app if you have a Markdown editor.


2020-10-23 23:15:57

Makes the permissions of file2 the same as file1

chmod --reference file1 file2