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Wouter Groeneveld
💬 Wouter Groeneveld - 2022-08-04 10:00:24

Fundor 333 asked:

In your opinion something like Gitea with a syndication like Mastodon will solve some of the problems and move more people on this “Gitea with Syndication”?

I’d answer: yes and no. Yes, it will solve some problems—hopefully more easy collaboration across different instances. With GitHub, that’s not a problem, provided that everyone uses GitHub. And No, I don’t think it will move more people towards Gitea, since syndication and self-hosting are usually two “complicated” solutions. Note that I didn’t say complex. Most people will still find it too troublesome to move. Just look at Mastodon VS Twitter. The @user@mastodoninstance thing already trips most people up.