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2022-03-20 14:01:39

A online tool for show as a tree a JSon file. Simple visualization tool for your JSON data. No forced structure, paste your JSON and view it instantly. All the data rest in you browser


2022-02-26 21:42:11

I am a Mechanical Keyboard guy. I love them and I need to feel the Tactile Feedback form my keyboard. I, also, find better the International Layout for the key but only because I am a programmer. If I need to write for long time in Italian I will change the layout for some shortcut like é á ú í ó.

In this article you can find a good review for the keyboard


2021-10-04 23:59:55

And this is why is not a good idea having all under one domain


2021-08-28 23:32:24

Sometime working at night is a good expirience. And a lot of tea. Next time I prepare some BubbleTea for the occasion.


2021-08-22 23:00:31

Being an adult is taking resposability and organize your life. So I buy Bubble Tea but forgot the groceries


2021-07-13 19:15:01

Build little project in the summer and not Node’s one. You can’t have a boiling pc


2020-11-03 14:31:49

Old boring Markdown is the final format form. You can allways read it and allways convert into HTML for sharing into the web. I don’t need a note app if you have a Markdown editor.


2020-10-23 23:15:57

Makes the permissions of file2 the same as file1

chmod --reference file1 file2