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2022-03-20 14:01:39

A online tool for show as a tree a JSon file. Simple visualization tool for your JSON data. No forced structure, paste your JSON and view it instantly. All the data rest in you browser

2022-02-26 21:42:11

I am a Mechanical Keyboard guy. I love them and I need to feel the Tactile Feedback form my keyboard. I, also, find better the International Layout for the key but only because I am a programmer. If I need to write for long time in Italian I will change the layout for some shortcut like Γ© Γ‘ ΓΊ Γ­ Γ³.

In this article you can find a good review for the keyboard

2022-02-24 19:55:30

A complete and easy guide to MicroFormat and how to use them. The article isn't new but it is easier to understand than the official site explanation about what is MicroFormat and how to use theme

2022-02-23 15:29:37

Like every other tech the nerds hack it for install Doom. In this case is an Amazon Kindle

2021-12-10 08:55:25

Sometime feels become more real. Like at Christmas Time

2021-10-04 23:59:55

And this is why is not a good idea having all under one domain

2021-09-27 12:18:27

Sometime a change on one of your scrips make you fell beter.

2021-09-22 22:48:57

In my free time I am adding AMP to my site

2021-08-31 22:34:20

More you become a Senior Dev more large your script folder become

2021-08-28 23:32:24

Sometime working at night is a good expirience. And a lot of tea. Next time I prepare some BubbleTea for the occasion.

2021-08-22 23:00:31

Being an adult is taking resposability and organize your life. So I buy Bubble Tea but forgot the groceries

2021-07-13 19:15:01

Build little project in the summer and not Node’s one. You can’t have a boiling pc

2021-01-04 21:01:44

It’s not a bad idea have a NeoCities account.

2020-11-18 19:38:34

Do I realy need to buy a good microphone for my computer?

2020-11-13 21:12:10

Do you need realy need to write a mailing list?

2020-11-03 14:31:49

Old boring Markdown is the final format form. You can allways read it and allways convert into HTML for sharing into the web. I don’t need a note app if you have a Markdown editor.

2020-10-27 13:32:26

Scripting is not the way to substitute human work

2020-10-23 23:15:57

Makes the permissions of file2 the same as file1

chmod --reference file1 file2

2020-10-12 16:10:00

If you run the same script again and again you make a cron

2020-08-20 20:48:00

If you do the same commands again and again you need to script it

2020-08-15 17:30:04

32 C is too hot for make pizza or bread at home

2020-08-11 08:52:33

Sometime you only need to script it so you can roll back easyly

2020-08-02 16:22:28

I write a lot of code and some of that only God now understand it.

2020-07-30 19:52:41

System consumed all the paper for paging