Microsoft buy Atom, Electron and Open Source

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Microsoft now own Github. From this we need to make some talk about the question which all the open source community is doing: “Whas are going to change into the OpenSource comunity or into the public code?

Many developer thinks about this and say something similar to “I do not want to risc my project so goodby” and the move to GitLab all theire code.

I think a lot about this acquisition of Github and I have a lot of dubts. How much code am I willing to give to a company that i not controll or own? And this make me think more and more. I have some project I feel value more so I feel the need to have in mi controll. And now I own a self hosting for my code or realy my personal important work.

And sometime after, I find on twitter an four year old retweet that talk about the acquisition and, for years ago, only Microsot will buy it. And this leave me with more “I don’t understand” than before

And this make mi understand that owning Github you don’t own Github code (site) but all the service make arrown Github.

My questions are:

Only time will tell and i am curious about what will do with GitHub and I only be sad because one of the Big 51 of Tecnology own this OpenSource Colossum.

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by Fundor 333

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