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Frozen Mac Touchbar

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2021-12-10 21:28:14

The touchbar

Sometime you need to do some task. If you have a MacBook Pro you can have a touchbar. Sometime Works sometime Freezes. And it freezes in the most Murphy’s way1 possible.

In my personal experience it stops when play a bad song on Spotify.

What’s happened?

Your touch bar can be in one of this three state:

  1. A working touch bar which is the natural state of the Mac
  2. A frozen touch bar which is a crashed state of the touch bar of the Mac
  3. A blank touch bar which is my favourite state of the touch bar of the Mac

So can I fix it? Yes!

Fixing it

An user logout sometime fix the problem. Sometime not allways will fix it. Restart the Mac will allways fix the problem but sometime you can’t restart the machine for a minor fix so you need something else for the fix. Something like a command.

Bash for the win

If you need to restart the touch bar without restarting your Mac you can use this bash fragment.

sudo pkill TouchBarServer;
sudo killall "ControlStrip";

Your welcome

  1. Murphy’s law Anything that can possibly go wrong, does Something like googling “mac touch bar not working” or “mac touch bar freezes” ↩︎

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