Good Developer Must Be Blogger For be a good programmer you need to be a blogger and write regulary - #dev #rant #rant

Good Developer Must Be Blogger

2020-08-01 | #dev, #rant, #rant,
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For be a good programmer you need to be a blogger and write regulary #dev #rant #rant
For be a good programmer you need to be a blogger and write regulary #dev #rant #rant

I find the way to become a good programmer:

Write a Blog about what are you doing

I see more and more good programmers have good blog and good blog about programming have good author.

After studing somee good blog and some bad blog I came with this list

You need to write a blog about what you know.

You must keep it updated.

You need to research for it.

You need to read other blogs.

This look like a stupid thing but follow me.

Why I need to write a blog

You didn’t.

For my consept you need to write your knowledge down. You can write on a notebook or you can make a book with your knowledge but I find the easy one is the blog/newletter format.

This “fingerfood”1 style of share knowledge make easy to write down the article on a new argoment or write an update something older.

This because we learn stuff in lesson/part/argument and this make easy to map the new kwnowledge with the fingerfood. Sometime the fingerfood is one-to-one the note of the developer about that particolar argument so the blog become something like a personal documentation.

Also you can write about your personal knowledge, not only your work one. This can be a huge help when you are searcing for a work because you will have a “blog of presentatio”.

If you make a blog you also put tags and categories on the posts so you can search all your work more easily.

Why I must keep updated?

If you work for updating the blog, you must learn always more things. So updating your knowledge you can test your understanding of the new argoment writing about it.

If you realy understand a new argument you can easily explaines to your granny so you can write about it.

Also if you keep it update you have also a diary of your progress of understanding of the knowledge you put into it.

It, also, will be a motivation for research more and more stuff.


More you research more you will want to know. This make a virtuosus circle of curiosity for understanding more and more stuff.

This take you to abuse rss and podcast, because they are the easy way to have new knowledge directly on you phone/tablet/watch/smart mirror/cat.

In this way you can have fingerfoods from other source and you can excenge with them.


So, in the end, you will create a blog with your knowledge and enter in a web community of developer and understand more and more so you can become more proficient in what you do.

In this way you will grow as programmer making something, not only reading here and there, but making something out of this.

Good luch

NB: I allways find usefull in a blog a section with some bibliography and urls of interesting site/blog or similar.

  1. little and complete knowledge, an atomic unit of knowledge for rapid consumption. Easy to write, easy to read. ↩︎

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