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Create a custon Git message with GitConfig

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2020-08-15 15:15:00

Sometime you will need to have a template for the commit message.

Allways put something (ticket code, bug code, etc…), order of stuff, some command for the CI system, etc…

How to do

In Git you can set a a file as the template for the git commit. You can do it for a single project or for your user. In this case I will show the command for all your project.

The config

First you need to write a file. Usualy I make a file in the home ~/.gitmessage where I put the message. For example a file template is:

# Title of the commit, 50 chars

# Body. What and Why, with Task Id/Bug Id, 72 chars

Remember, if a row start with # the row is a comment.

After you make your own themplate you must tell git where is it so you need to launch this command:

 git config --global commit.template ~/.gitmessage

After this git will use your new template for the commit.

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