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Sometime you will need to have a template for the commit message.

Allways put something (ticket code, bug code, etc…), order of stuff, some command for the CI system, etc…

In Git you can set a a file as the template for the git commit. You can do it for a single project or for your user. In this case I will show the command for all your project.

First you need to write the file. Usualy I make a file in the home ~/.gitmessage where I put the message. For example a file template is:

# Title of the commit, 50 chars

# Body. What and Why, with Task Id/Bug Id, 72 chars

Remember, if a row start with # the row is a comment.

After you make your own themplate you must tell git where is it so you need to launch this command:

 git config --global commit.template ~/.gitmessage

After this git will use your new template for the commit.

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