This is my now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one too .

Here I write what I’m working or studing for now:


  • Fundor333 - This blog make with Hugo and love. The Css framework change somethime. Now it’s boostrap 4 with font awesome

  • DigitalTeaRoom - My blog about Tea and other tea related stuff


  • Rioba project - Project about a sensors’ system for have a numeric value of the well being of the people in the Venice’s area

Bots and automations

  • MareaBot - Bot for read the HighWater Api of Comune di Venezia and, if there is an allert, post it on a channel on telegram. Written in Python

  • PolliniVeneziaBot - Bot for read the Pollins and Spore Api for the City of Venice and, if there is an allert of any level, post it on a channel on telegram. Written in Python

  • Server Grimoire - Module for give you some command to check URLs, domains and other things in an automatic way

  • Hubot tea timer - The last Hubot tea timer you’ll ever need

Minor utilities and other toys

  • Dotfiles - My configuration for a Mac, a Windows or a Linux installation.

  • Crontab Dotbot - Plugin for Dotbot for managing crontab

  • Docker Hugo - A Docker image for the static sites generated Hugo

  • Bofh Oh-My-Zsh - Plugin for ohmyszh for adding a fortune style message from a BOFH

  • Smile Oh-My-Zsh - An oh-my-zsh plugin for printing smile